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Walmart Keeps it Coming, Donates $150,000 to Brooklyn Concerts

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It looks like Walmart's got its grips in Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. The big-box store recently donated $4 million to a program that will offer 3,000-plus jobs for NYC youths, and then another $250,000 to a program that will feed them, and now they've donated $150,000 to be a corporate sponsor for Brooklyn's Martin Luther King Jr. summer concert series.

In an article published by the Post, a softer Markowitz states: "I am not philosophically opposed to Walmart but I have been consistent in demanding they show a commitment to Brooklyn by paying a fair wage, offering health benefits [and] using union workers in any construction projects in New York City." But not everybody is on board with Marty. City Councilwoman Letitia James says: "Dr. King fought and died for fair wages and taking this money would be a dishonor to his legacy."

If it feels like the philanthropy has been on fire lately, consider this: Walmart spokesman Steven Restivo, says that the company "has contributed close to $13 million across the five boroughs since 2007, so this contribution is consistent with what we've contributed over the past several years and will continue for years moving forward." Which basically means that they've been forking over a lot of cash for about five years now and still haven't been invited in.
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