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NBA Draft Pick Josh Harrellson May Single-Handedly Keep Jorts Alive

Josh Harrellson image via <a href="">Sports Illustrated</a>
Josh Harrellson image via Sports Illustrated

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The Wall Street Journal spared no detail in an article published today about Josh Harrellson, the No. 45 pick of the NBA draft whose was traded to the Knicks and who really loves jorts. His nickname is "Jorts," his Twitter handle is @BigJorts55, and his website—where he sells custom-made, 10-inch-inseam jorts, is called Jorts55.

Harrellson is currently in New York on Knicks business, and like any wide-eyed tourist, he's just trying to take in all of the jorts: "I've never been to a place where it's just Levi's. Levi's everywhere—it was all I could see." Can you believe it!

The WSJ diligently (and might we add, quite seriously) reports:

Levi's jean shorts are Harrellson's favorite. It's the only type he wears. He prefers a relaxed cut with a straight leg. Harrellson didn't bring any jean shorts on this trip to New York, but he did purchase one pair. And on Tuesday, Harrellson tweeted: "Take your favorite pair of jeans and cut them at the knee and do the JORTS walk do the JORTS walk!"

But this fashion faux pas might have a monetary explanation. Since Harrellson is a second-round draft pick, he doesn't have a guaranteed contract with the team, and he isn't in the summer league, so he won't be seeing a paycheck from the NBA just yet. Sure, he'll be working this summer at the University of Kentucky, but the real money is in those potential sales from his online store. And since this definition reminds us that jorts are "worn mostly by children and douchebags,"and the specialty jean shorts are only $34.95, we imagine the traffic on the Jorts55 site is pretty high.
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