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Dad Has Chair-Throwing Meltdown at Park Slope Nail Salon

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Today on FIPS, reader MacKenzie Fegan reports a scene of utter parental lunacy at H&L Nail Spa on Fifth Avenue near Carroll Street in Park Slope. The second best thing about this story is that it doesn't involve any of the usual Park Slope stereotypes: Nobody yelled at anyone for making gendered assumptions about a child's hat, nobody got into anyone's face about the provenance of coop hummus, and not a single bike lane was involved. Instead, this was just a pure, old-school freakout. Oh, and the first best thing about this story? Probably the part where somebody threw a chair.

MacKenzie explains that she was at H&L when the teenaged girl next to her realized that she didn't have enough cash to pay her $24 French manicure bill. The girl called her parents and told them she needed more money. Then:

Fifteen minutes later, this huge guy in an orange polo with a thick New York accent barges into the salon and bellows, "WHO OWNS THIS PLACE??" I'll spare you the caps lock for the rest of his dialogue, but suffice to say he was literally screaming the whole time. The salon is full, and no one knows what to say.
"Who owns this place and where is my daughter?" His daughter happens to be sitting right next to him and calls out to him, clearly mortified. The guy goes, "Who told her to get this pedicure? Who made her get it?" and the daughter tries to explain that no one made her, she's just a pre-teen who wants a French pedi, jeez. Then the mom barrels in, also large, also angry. "Who told her she couldn't leave? That's imprisonment!" Hm, also paying for goods/services rendered is kind of the cornerstone of a capitalist society, but I digress.
At that point, the rest of the salon's customers started yelling back, defending the salon, except for one mother who just wanted everyone to cam down because they were disturbing her five-year-old's birthday mani. (OK, maybe that part actually does conform to Slope stereotype.) Then, the father started yelling racial epithets, so one of the customers called him "trash." His reply: "Trash? TRASH?? MY WIFE WILL TAKE YOU." And then he threw a chair. Repeatedly. In the end, the family got away without paying the bill—which, by the way, was four dollars more than what the teen girl had in her wallet.
· Tween Parent Freak Out at the H&L Spa [FIPS]

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