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Wear Sunscreen and Prepare for a Wait Outside the DVF Sale

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The Diane von Furstenberg sale opens to the public at 9am today, and Racked senior linewaiting correspondent Fawnia Soo Hoo is already in place at Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets, chronicling the queue. Follow her updates below, or familiarize yourself with this year's sale via yesterday's preview post.

7:56am: Hello! I just arrived at 260 Fifth for the DVF public sale and there are probably about 30 or 40 people here. The line is already long enough to split into two sections on opposite sides of the sidewalk. And the girl who arrived a second before me already threw in the towel and left. It's not that bad, lady! At least it's not 20 degrees out like last time.

8:00am: The lady behind me understands the principles of sample sale etiquette. She asked me to hold her space in line while she goes on a coffee/tea run, and she asked if I would like anything. Well played, neighbor!

8:04am: The 260 Fifth crew is really riding the momentum of their inaugural J.Crew sale. They're passing out these classy-looking fliers printed on card stock.

The J.Crew ad: We've seen wedding invitations that aren't this nice.

8:07am: Staffers are now loading all the new stock, replenishing after yesterday's madness. There's a massive pile of empty boxes outside the door and multiple rolling racks waiting to be filled.

8:13am: My 260 Fifth staffer friend is working line security, and we just had a little chat. He said that yesterday was super-busy and that they ended up staying open until 7pm because people kept coming in. I'm watching the new merchandise go in, though, so I'm not too worried about stock. He's also eying the line and saying "This is beautiful" in reference to how many people are here 50 minutes prior to the sale. Although all the nicely dressed young professional ladies probably don't hurt.

8:15am: Hello! The line has officially hit the corner of 28th and Fifth. Is this a record?

The back of the line circa 8:16am

8:27am: First girl in a DVF wrap dress spotted!

8:33am: Oh goodness. A staffer just shooed the second section of the line to the edge of the sidewalk on Fifth. Now we're directly obstructing the UPS and White Plains Linens delivery trucks. Wait! Some girls just walked out of the sale with full shopping bags. It's still a mystery to me who gets to come in before the sale opens. There were a few of those yesterday too. V-VIPs?

8:45am: Just saw a rack of those brown, black, and cream squiggly-pattern dresses and the Keyroon jackets rolling into the shop. I guess these guys have it down to a science by now.

The rolling racks in action

8:48am: Good lord. The line is halfway across 28th Street now. On my way to the end, I walked past about five girls wearing various versions of the DVF wrap dress. How do we feel about wearing a label's signature piece to its own sale? Show of support, or too obvious? They all look pretty, though!

8:49am: There's also the risk of being mistaken for a staffer...

8:57am: OK, now staffers are loading items out of the sale and back into the underground bunker. Hopefully this is a sign that they'll open on time. Most of the line-waiters seem to be on the way to the office, so everyone is thinking the same thing.

9:02am: I just witnessed a woman gloriously fail at trying to talk her way into the first section of the line. You could just feel the ire rising from everyone who had been waiting since 7:30 this morning. She was denied, of course.

9:10am: There seems to be a slight delay, and we're all getting antsy. My line neighbor also just pointed out that there's a small group of people waiting on the opposite side of the sidewalk. I remember this happened last time and they entered with the first group. Not fair!

The back of the line circa 9:10am

9:11am: We're all eying the door intently, but it's not showing any sign of movement. My neighbor just said, "I feel like a prison riot is about to break out."

9:14am: Why is there always some lame-o cheater who arrives at the start of the sale and tries to circumvent the line? (I'm talking to you, brown tank top girl.) I just watched yet another woman walk up to the front section and get denied. Now she's appealing to any staffer who will listen to her. Get here early next time and earn it!

9:17am: They closed the basement bunker and it's go time! Well, for the first arrivals anyway.

9:21am: OK, now a late-coming "friends of" group is asking to cut the line. The people behind me are getting pissed. That's actually a big group of people, too. So not cool.

9:24am: Staffers are letting those girls in now. We could totally be near the front if it wasn't for those cheaters. The line is at a standstill.

9:27am: OK, some lady with a baby just got out of a cab and walked right in. This staffer in the red vest and sideways cap is totally acting out his dreams of being a nightclub doorman and letting in some girls while denying others.

9:28am: Ah, the cheaters all went in so finally the peasant class can enter.

9:29am: In! First up: Bag check.

The liveblog continues right this way.

Diane von Furstenberg Sale

260 Fifth Avenue, New York NY