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Shoppers Are Stabbing Each Other With Hangers at the DVF Sale

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Now that we've survived the hour wait outside the Diane von Furstenberg sale, let's explore the scene inside 260 Fifth. Have things changed much since yesterday's preview? Stay tuned for updates from Fawnia Soo Hoo below.

9:30am: Walked in and made a beeline for the samples. The VIPs really cleaned them out. There's only one rack left. That does leave more space to browse, though...

9:32am: Yup, it's kind of crazy in here. Girls are grabbing dresses off the racks and frantically browsing. All the aisles are packed now.

9:35am: All the pricing remains the same from yesterday and the overstock racks have been fully replenished. Ow, someone just stabbed me with a hanger.

9:38am: I just saw a girl get clotheslined by another shopper whose hanger got caught on a rack. Close call. A mother/son team has about 20 dresses between them. People are pretty frantic in here.

9:40am: I didn't look quite as closely at the bags yesterday, but the brown suede chain-strap bag for $225 is pretty cute.

9:43am: Shoppers seem to be going crazy on dresses (duh) and leather. I spotted a really plush light gray leather tee that I didn't see yesterday.

9:47am: Wow. You can barely see down the aisles between the size 0-2 and 4-6, they're so packed. I'm hiding in a nook near a pillar. I feel like there are lots more fall-ish looking blazers than there were yesterday. I also just noticed the rejected samples are returning to the rack from the dressing room.

9:50am: Speaking of the dressing room, there's a long line now and the fitting room matron is cracking the metaphorical whip. "Come on ladies!" "Where are my runners? Let's go!"

9:53am: Girls are carrying an average of 10 dresses each. It's madness in here!

9:57am: I just attempted to venture into the size four aisle and could barely even penetrate the perimeter. A girl walked by and said, "Oh my god, it's crazy!" I saw a black ruffled cocktail dress I didn't see yesterday. Lots of replenishment on the patterns and prints. Ow, some lady nailed me with her handbag.

10:00am: The line to check out rivals the fitting room—just a warning.

10:02am: OK, I was just almost shanked with another hanger. I'm going to take that as a sign that my time here is up. To summarize: Dwindling samples; lots of overstock dresses, separates and leather; bags are worth a look. Set aside time for the line for fitting and checkout. Don't forget about the massive line to enter, either.

10:10am: So as I'm walking out the door, two impeccably dressed women walked right up and said, "We're with Vogue," handed the red cap guy two business cards, and strutted right in. I tried to get a look at the names on the cards (it wasn't Anna, obvi) but Red Cap wouldn't let me see.

10:12am: Anyone considering coming this morning might want to borrow some Vogue staffer's business cards, because the line still wraps around 28th Street and it's barely moving.