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Summer Fun at Topshop; Calypso Madison Opening Date

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SOHOUniqlo isn't the only Soho fast fashion emporium to bring us a dose of summer distraction. Starting tomorrow until Saturday, June 11, Topshop will kick off the season with Wish You Were At Topshop, featuring in-store styling and photo-op sessions, plus free Pinkberry for the first 300 customers who spend $50. Also, from 5pm to 7pm on Thursday, June 9, StyleCaster creative director Emily Finkbinder and fashion photog Elizabeth Lippman will be hosting an insider-y discussion about "Fashion in the Digital Age". Leave it to Topshop to fulfill your It-Brit fashion, frugal fro-yo and industry networking needs all in one go. [Racked Wire]

MADISON AVENUE—The Upper East Side will be staring at the buttercream pink Calypso St. Barth temporary signage a bit longer. Originally predicted to open in July, the uptown outpost will now be unveiled during Labor Day Weekend. [Racked Wire; Previously]


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