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RRL Is Moving to the Closed Ralph Lauren Stores on Bleecker Street

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It's been a busy month for Ralph Lauren stores in the downtown area. First, the brand's collection store on West Broadway closed and then reopened on the corner of Prince and Greene. Then, both the men's and women's stores on Bleecker Street shut their doors abruptly, leaving a lot of room for rumormongering and speculation as to what would take its place. And here's the (obvious) answer: RRL!

It's always been the most-likely choice due to RRL's cramped quarters, and now The Shophound reports that its expansion is official. When the Bleecker Street stores initially shuttered, we also heard a whirl of Rugby rumors, but as of now, it looks like they were just that. (However, at the rate that Ralph Lauren is going, who knows what's next.) The new store has an opening date scheduled for summer, so expect to see vintage flannels and old-school denim displayed in the new location very soon, with much more room to breathe.
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Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

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380 Bleecker Street New York NY 10014