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Those Weinergate Crotch-Shot Undies Are a Pair of Jockeys

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Curious as to what made the bulge in the "hacked" crotch shot that appeared on Representative Anthony Weiner's Twitter account last week so bulging? Well, it's patented Jockey technology. Specifically, the shorts are Jockey Pouch briefs, a gray lycra-spandex blend with a "kangaroo pouch" that retail for about 11 bucks. As the Post points out, the irony here is that the undies boast "confident security"—not to mention, "full coverage."

Weiner (we can't) is doing that thing where he's not totally denying that the crotch in question could be his—it is, after all, not a bad picture—but he's adamantly arguing that he didn't post it. He then even made a joke that his kitchen blender would be next to "attack" him, or something.

Behold, Weinergate:

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