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The J.Crew Sample Sale Picks a New Location

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For several years now, sample sale site Clothingline has been hosting recurring J.Crew sales at their second-floor Garment District space. The events always involve good deals but absolutely no frills, unless your idea of a frill includes getting chastised by staffers—Clothingline doesn't always have dressing rooms, and there's a strictly enforced rule against public try-ons.

This time around, though, the sale has moved to 260 Fifth Avenue, a brighter, friendlier first-floor location at Fifth Avenue and 29th Street. If you've ever shopped the Diane von Furstenberg sale, you know the space. You also know that there's usually a communal fitting room in the back. The shopping experience at 260 Fifth varies widely depending on the brand, but for now, we're going to consider this a win.

The sale runs from June 14th through June 18th, with weekday hours from 10am to 8pm and Saturday hours running 10am to 4pm. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are priced up to 60% off, with both samples and overstock for men, women, and children. Check out the slideshow above for a few sample prices.
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