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Deals on Tanks and Tees Are Indeed Splendid at the Ella Moss Sale

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Monday afternoon we took a look at the Splendid and Ella Moss one-day sample sale, which opened to the public today at 8:30am. Without the chaos that generally comes hand in hand with sample sales, we got to peruse some of the individual pieces and collections represented. The first thing to note is that Splendid and Ella Moss pieces are not separated, so you'll see both during your scavenging. In the front of the sale, you will find one large mirror and as usual no dressing rooms, so we hope you're not feeling shy.

For women there are more than a dozen racks full of tanks, knit tops, and sweatshirts, including some from the current Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Considering that it's pretty rare to see pieces from such recent collections marked down to $15 to $75, we would suggest you really take a close look because you may find some hidden gems. There is also a sizeable selection of knit dresses, cashmere sweaters and tees; most of these are plain, but brightly colored, and some are embellished with studs, sequins, and the like.

Last but not least for women, there are a few racks of bottoms with some individual pieces spread throughout the other racks. Here we saw knit and corduroy leggings, a few pairs of shorts, and flirty sweatpants featuring ruffles and zippers. Children's pieces were slightly harder to come by since they took over the coveted bin displays, but at $5 to $35 it seemed as though there was a varied selection. For men we saw four racks of brightly colored sweaters, tees, henleys, and a few pairs of pants marked down to $15 to $40. And although we didn't catch a glance at them, we heard that there are in fact accessories marked down to $15 for both men and women.—Alexa Gordon
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