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Chanel-Coveting Accomplice in Pilgrim Attack Pleads Guilty

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The aftermath of the Pilgrim attack via DNA Info
The aftermath of the Pilgrim attack via DNA Info

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The hammer is starting to come down on the three perps arrested for the Pilgrim shoplifting attack that injured co-owners Richard Ives and Brian Bennett. Twenty-three year old Enjolie Evans pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property and was sentenced to 20 days in the pokey—which, honestly sounds kind of light considering that Ives needed over 70 stitches after being tackled through his own window display. (DNA Info has a pretty graphic pic of the patch-up if your stomach can take it). According to Bennett, Evans so coveted a $2200 vintage Chanel handbag that she "was willing to die for it." Ives also connects the group to two prior shoplifting incidents, one of which involved the theft of a $1100 Chanel purse.

The two other arrested suspects, Dennis Brunson (age 20) and Travis Sims (age 29) are charged with robbery and possession of stolen property and will make their court appearances on future dates. The fourth suspect that tackled Ives through the shop's glass window display is still at-large. While the the police are working on nabbing the perp-on-the-run (who will hopefully get more than 20 days in the slammer), the LES Business Improvement District is taking matters into their own hands to prevent further crime in their own neighborhood.
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