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The Rodarte Sample Sale Might Make You Feel Poor

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Because we're diligent, we arrived an hour early to sit on the floor and wait for the opening of the much-hyped Rodarte sale at the Ace Hotel. We honestly should have just guessed it was there—it's room 511 in case you're wondering. In short, the sale is extremely sparse and very expensive. We understand why it now accepts credit cards. There are probably regulations against withdrawing that much cash from the ATM and then you'd need to roll into the sale with a metal suitcase full of stacks of unmarked bills.

The spartan racks contain mostly one-off samples (read: size two) of spring 2011 collection items—but they'll cost you: Brown embossed-leather pieces were upwards of $2300 and $4000, the ethereal white gauzy gown with floating gold detail is $600 and a deep-hued watercolor print deconstructed dress is $2000. The only collection piece we came across that didn't give us sticker shock was a macro-lace short-sleeve button-down shirt priced at $100. It's cute, but it looks sort of forlorn next to all those sumptuously gorgeous gowns.

Let's talk about the Nicholas Kirkwood x Rodarte heels, which were majority size 39 and up (although we came across a couple 37s and 38s, which may not be around anymore). A few of the past season candle wax cut-out platforms (mostly in white) are priced at $350 a pair—same as the last sale. Current season styles, including the blue and white Chinois-print and the gold brocade with glazed carved wood-esque heels, are priced at $750 and two pairs of spring 2011 killer metallic-detail platforms were priced at $650.

There were also a bunch of Rodarte x Target separates and dresses (minus the two Go International re-issues) priced between $10 and $20, but who goes to a Rodarte sample sale for Target samples? Also, the heather grey Rodarte logo tees were $50.

On the upside, the man we presume to be the all-powerful Andy is very nice and accommodating and we saw him unearth some size 38 spring 2011 Kirkwoods for a very eager (and apparently flush) shopper. He did say that they are not replenishing the racks, so everything is out on the floor. When we left around 9:30am, there were only three other people in the room (and one was sitting on the couch watching her friend browse), which kind of surprised us since the sale location was all over the Twittersphere last night. The sale runs until 7pm tonight.
The Rodarte Sample Sale Returns to the Ace Hotel For One Day Only [Racked NY]

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