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Paul Mayer on Why His New Store Carries Lavender-Scented Flats

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French-born designer Paul Mayer has been creating shoes for twenty years and selling them under his own name for seven, but he only opened his first namesake boutique a few weeks ago. The shop, called Paul Mayer Attitudes, sits at the corner of Third Avenue and 79th Street on the Upper East Side. It carries the brand's colorful flats and kitten heels, which Mayer says sell equally well among neighborhood's moms and their fashionable daughters. It also carries another, stranger signature of the brand: Lavender-scented slippers.

Mayer explains the concept bashfully in his French accent:

I realized real early that once a woman bought one pair of our shoes, she would graduate to ten pairs in less than six months. Always multiple sales. They don't know our product, they try our shoes on, they feel so comfortable, they give you a je ne sais quoi...I said, if they buy so many shoes of ours, they're going to have a closet full of them. I want to do something. I have a great partner, a factory in Spain, they came up with four scents and I chose lavender, one of my favorite scents. Now women say to me "Every time I open my closet, I think of you."Of course, there's a downside to scented shoes: It can be a little embarrassing to sample the goods. Mayer told us that he was recently doing a personal appearance in Honolulu when he witnessed the tall, all-American husband of a Minnesota tourist pick up one of the flats, carefully look both ways, and then, when he'd determined that no one was watching, take a quick sniff.
· Paul Mayer Attitudes [Official Site]