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Rag & Bone Loves You and You and Your Bikes

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Pride Week may have officially ended this past weekend, but the passing of the Same-Sex Marriage Law on Friday night means that Pride Week is getting its second wind. In celebration, a slew of West Village stores have covered their storefronts in rainbow flags, but a few have gone further, theming their whole window displays around the gay marriage struggle. These are the Rainbow Windows.

Way way back in 2008, Rag & Bone went rogue and jogged around the corner from Bleecker Street to the famously gay stretch of Christopher Street to open their very first NYC location. It's typically a totally understated gem of a space—that is, until they celebrated Pride Week in their own way by stringing a rainbow of denim across the front windows.

Paired with the pro-equality message is one of bicycle advocacy, as the rainbow is joined by bike parts, themselves adorned with colorful accessories. The windows are quite well merchandised: The clothing and shoes still remain the focal point amidst their vibrant surroundings.
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Rag & Bone

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