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Coming Soon: Sephora Signage in the Meatpacking District

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Sephora has been planning an incursion into the Meatpacking District for over a year, and now they're getting ready to slap their signature on the new outpost at 27 Ninth Avenue. Approval has been granted by the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a wall sign above the corner of West 13th and Ninth. The Sephora logo will be painted in black and white on the old bricks above the new entry, marking the way for those needing a last minute touch-up before hitting the local haunts. The word is that the doors here will stay open later than usual, thereby capitalizing on the nocturnal shopping habits of Meatpackers.

Think of the cosmetic possibilities: A different look for each and every joint along these cobblestoned streets. Guests across the way at the Gansevoort Hotel can get their lip color just right before slipping into Soho House. Need a new nail color before meeting a date on the High Line? How about the perfect blush after butchering a side of beef and boom-booming atop the Standard? Whatever the need, Sephora will be there to help. In a couple of months folks will no doubt wonder how MePa ever got by without miscellaneous options for maquillage.
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