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Project 234 on Mulberry Has Shut Its Doors

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We kind of had a feeling that something was up during the claustrophobic Yumi Kim sale that completely took over Project 234 last month, and we were right. Project 234—known for its girly party gear and cute, downtown-geared accessories—is now officially closed. The shop had cleared out its stock for the Yumi Kim floral-dress grab-fest, which makes sense since it's also owned by Yumi Kim designer Kim Phan.

A rep from Phan's office hasn't completely put the kibosh on Project 234 reappearing in another locale with another address-related moniker ("you never know...") In the meantime, fans of the Phan-formulated boutiques can still shop their hearts out at sister outposts Gramercy Project on Third Avenue and Project 159 in the West Village, plus the Lower East Side and Upper East Side Yumi Kim locations.
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Yumi Kim

105 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002 212-420-5919 Visit Website

Project 234

234 Mulberry Street, New York NY