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What It's Like Inside the Vane x Sebago Concept Store

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Late last week, the Vane x Sebago concept store opened up on the Lower East Side to debut the brands' collaboration collection, Dark Forest. Inside, there's several pairs of the urban-meets-suburban boots, displayed on fixtures, inside of drawers, and amid old books and Polaroid accessories. Made well and with semi-modest prices (the Field Boot retails for $175 and is hand sewn), the line works for whichever end of the spectrum you may fall into: Sebago's New England vibe, or Vane's New York City street style. In addition to the shoes, there's also a carefully curated selection of two-finger rings, vintage sunglasses from Carrera, Cazal, and Christian Dior, black and white graphic tees, and vintage Rolex watches.

The concept shop—not to be confused with a pop up shop—will stick around for an entire year, in celebration of a four-years-running collaborative effort between the two brands. And though it seems that boutiques have been having a tough time lately (or not so lately) on the LES, a store with a shelf life of 365 days might be what the neighborhood needs.
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