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Crumpler Opens a Moody New West Village Store

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"Moody" isn't a word you'd usually apply to Crumpler, the Australian bag range known for its sturdy laptop bags and happy little stick figure decal. But the brand's new West Village location—its third in the United States—has a stark, industrial look, with the company's name picked out in edgy neon. The shop joins Crumpler's Soho shop in providing New Yorkers with camera bags, travel equipment, and other forms of everyday luggage. The company's name, by the way, isn't a reference to how tough the bags are. It's actually the last name of the founder, Stu Crumpler, who should be glad his parents didn't name him Stu Unsquishable.

Update: As a reader points out below, while Crumpler is publicizing the boutique as a new store, this isn't actually a new location for the brand. A make-your-own Crumpler store closed in the same spot last June. Since then, the company has hired a new creative director (Sam Davy, who used to work as creative director at Apple) and renovated the space.
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