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Inside Williamsburg's New Fred Perry Surplus Shop

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Preppy British brand Fred Perry has quietly opened its first-ever surplus shop in Williamsburg. The store sits at 306 Grand Street just down the block from the sale outpost for its color-happy UK compatriot Paul Smith, in an 1850s-era building that once housed a dry goods store. (It's also next door to Pop, the affordable little boutique that predates most of Grand Street's new stores.) It carries classic Fred Perry looks like Harrington jackets and tipped polos, as well as limited-edition collaborations and the higher-end Laurel Wreath collection. And everything is marked 30% off—not sample sale pricing, but certainly not bad, especially since the brand plans to make weekly deliveries of new merchandise to keep things fresh.

· Fred Hits Brooklyn [Fred Perry]

Fred Perry Surplus Shop

306 Grand Street Brooklyn NY