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Ladylike Basics for $50 and Under at Lilla P

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If you're venturing over to the Lilla P sale in the Meatpacking District, make sure to head upstairs to the office/showroom—and not into the retail store—for up to 70% off of spring and summer separates and dresses. As we entered the fourth floor showroom sale (hit buzzer #9), we were inundated with an abundance of basic yet colorful tops, dresses, and skirts, plus a slouchy and semi-complicated-looking "origami" wrap.

The pricing is pretty straightforward as well, running $10 for classic tees (or three for $25), $20 for novelty or pima tops (or three for $50) and skirts and $40 for dresses, knits, woven tops and the aforementioned origami wraps. For the uninitiated Lilla P shoppers, the classic tops are a slightly heavier knit cotton, while the pima refers to the lighter modal blend stretch cotton. All the tops (except the woven) are piled into the bins, so you'll just have to dig. The dresses and the "woven" items (which are the blousier and pattered pieces) are hanging on the racks. Sizing runs from small to extra-large, but the majority of the sale rests in the size small category. Also, any pieces that do not feature a size tag are a small.

For those jumping on the maxi-dress train, you're out of luck: There was only one medium fuchsia maxi-dress in the sale. Good news, though: We wandered into the retail store after and noticed that a few of the frocks available upstairs for $40 (like the electric blue ruched bodice one) were on offer for full price there. Sneaky, sneaky, Lilla P.

As for logistics, there is a designated (yet pretty open) fitting area in the corner and everything is out on the floor—meaning that they are not replenishing. Also, the sale is cash only, so make an ATM visit beforehand. That's pretty much it, folks. Basic info for a pretty basic sale.
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