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Monster Duane Reade About to Hatch on Wall Street

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A Wall Street tipster reports that Duane Reade is nearly ready to begin its 20-year-reign at 40 Wall Street. The chain signed on for a massive two-story space inside The Trump Building last August, taking over what used to be a bank hall. At the time, the Wall Street Journal called the 23,310-square-foot lease one of the largest downtown retail deals of 2010. As with all things Trump-related, the store will be big, brash, and over-the-top. Writes our tipster, "They claim it will be the biggest DR in the city and it surely looks like it. The interior looks like a high-end department store...pretty impressive. I guess they made a special effort for the new high end condos and stores in this neighborhood."
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Duane Reade

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