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Heels And Flats Are Hermetically Sealed at the Loeffler Randall Sale

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In a scenario that seems like it was dreamed up by the sale gods, there is a Loeffler Randall sale taking place adjacent to the Vena Cava sale. Even though the two sales are billed as a double-header, they're basically separate—with their own checkouts and staffers. At last night's preview, the Loeffler Randall side of the sale was much quieter and calmer than its sister event. All the shoes hanging in seemingly-impermeable body bags didn't really help rowdy up the serene mood, either. The very systematically arranged, CSI-esque ziplocks did keep the mates together, though, and protected the smooth leather, soft suede, and posh python skins from scuffs and blemishes.

Shoes are arranged by size, running from size 6 to 12 and the best selection seems to be between 8 and 10. Each pair is priced as marked starting from $100 (for metallic-tinged python booties and lady-like lipstick red suede platforms) and run to about $350 for python Lillian flat-boot. The bulk of the shoes were priced in the $250-ish range and were definitely all from previous seasons. Sadly, no Suno collab wedges to be seen anywhere. We spotted some runway samples mixed into the size tens, so be sure to check the soles of the shoes.

A sampling of what we found in the bags: Black Victorian-style lace up booties ($275), cream flats with gold button detail ($150), cut-out, lace up wood platforms ($200), studded camel booties ($275), stingray cut-out platform pumps ($275) and black Mary Jane flatforms ($225 and very spring 2011). Also, the Lillian style rain boots in taupe are marked down to $100 from $195.

In the middle of the sale, there are also discontinued leather totes and handbags on offer, ranging from about $175 to $375. Virtually ignored: A small selection of bathing suits marked at $40 for top and bottom separates and $75 for one-piece numbers.

Cash and credit are both accepted and for every $500 you spend here, you receive $50 credit for purchases. There's not a ton of aisle space, so mark your spot and hold strong when you'd like to try on the shoes. We're predicting staffers will be quite busy today putting heels back into their rightful ziplock and returning them to the correct rack. As for replenishment, there are more 9s and 10s in the back, but for everyone else, what's out is out. A word of advice for those shopping both sales: You need to check out of one sale to go into the next. No browsing and carrying merch back and forth. Choose wisely, as you might end up blowing your budget at your first stop. We did.
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