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Grand St. Bakery Is Filled With Clothes and Furnitute Instead of Bread

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Despite the name, The Grand St. Bakery isn't a bakery at all: Instead, it's a quaint little Williamsburg shop filled with vintage clothing, beach goods, homewares, and other odds and ends. Store owner Neal Mello kept much of the furniture (and the name) from the former bakery intact, so expect to try on clothes in dressing rooms that used to be large baking ovens, and find jewelry displayed on bagel holders.

Refinery29 reports that there's a full-on denim room, neon bathing suits, deadstock tees from the eighties, and striped overalls. In the back of the shop, Cyd Mullen runs a PR studio that specializes in jewelry, boasting designers like Suzannah Wainhouse and Mania Mania, so the location pretty much houses any and everything you could possibly want—except cakes.
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Grand St. Bakery

602 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11206