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Oh No They Didn't

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The Thursday Styles ran a timely profile on Marc Jacobs today, right before he's slated to receive the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from the CFDA on Monday. Don't get too gushy just yet. As within a long glowing article, there's always bound to be some naysaying involved. Just to make life easier, Stylecaster has made the haterade spotting a breeze by compiling all the disses—from impressionable FIT students to stylist June Ambrose to former Barneys exec Bonnie Pressmen—on the famous and well-respected designer. A sampling courtesy of fashion blogger Eric Gaskins: "He feels to me less like a designer than a great producer or casting director...But at times, the overall message is pretty banal.” Oh snap! Can't we just be happy for the guy? [NYT; Stylecaster]

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