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Vena Cava and Loeffler Randall: The Calm After the Storm

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The Vena Cava and Loeffler Randall sales were fairly calm around 1pm, but we assume from the diminished stock and lack of sizes that the majority of rowdy customers hit the sales right when they began at 10am. Currently there is no line, which almost made us think we were in the wrong place, but once you make your way upstairs you will be bombarded by shoes, handbags, dresses, tops, and shorts.

Vena Cava, which is being held in the larger space, is clearly the more popular and chaotic of the two sales. Immediately upon entrance women were seen unabashedly stripping down in front of a floor-length mirror, while simultaneously safeguarding their picks from other customers. At this point, the pieces from Spring 2011 are the clear front-runners so there are fewer sizes available, and an overall sense that what's left has been picked over. The $25 bins of tops and tees that we saw at last night's preview are now a disheveled mess, but if you take the time to sort through them you may find a few treasures. Clothing from previous seasons is now limited to about one size per color option, although there is a variety of styles.

The serene mood we picked up on last night in Loeffler Randall appears to have continued. No more than a half dozen women were in the smaller room when we arrived, and the stock seems to be the same. Shoes are still sealed in their plastic bags, and despite what we've seen at other sales they haven't been shuffled or damaged. Sizes 5 1/2 through 12 are still plentiful, and they are really trying to push the now-$100 rain boots. Leather bags in black, blue, white, and cognac are sealed up as well and seem to represent only one or two different styles. Although the swimwear appears untouched, we spotted some cool geometric striped and zippered separates in purple and neon green.

Last tip: We urge you to remember the checkout policy that limits customers to shop in one sale before moving to another, which has been confusing some customers all day long.—Alexa Gordon
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