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Kids Design Anti-Prom Dresses; Old Navy "Quick Change" Tour

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Fabulous prom frocks from last year's Glam-themed Anti-Prom (Photo credit: Chae Kihn)
Fabulous prom frocks from last year's Glam-themed Anti-Prom (Photo credit: Chae Kihn)

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BRYANT PARK— In a palate cleanser to yesterday's over-privileged prom dress roundup, this Friday at the New York Public Library, ten students from the High School of Fashion Industries will be presenting their own personally-created prom designs at the Anti-Prom, a safe, welcoming alterna-party for teens. After visiting the Library for the Performing Arts and additional NYPL cultural venues for inspiration, each student was given $100 (take that Tribute wearing twins!) to spend at Mood Fabrics to create their own super hero inspired frock. This Project Runway-junior scenario even included Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan playing the Tim Gunn role and providing feedback to the students. The final creations will be unveiled during a DJ-backed fashion show and select outfits will be on display in the Mid-Manhattan Library windows for the rest of the month. We love a heartwarming fashion-oriented prom story—congrats, kids! [Racked Wire; Previously]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT & ATLANTIC AVENUE— TV personality and Fashion For Dummies author Jill Martin will be taking a mini-mobile jaunt around the city this weekend on Old Navy's "Quick Change" tour. Martin will be on hand to dispense Old Navy-incorporated fashion tips and people who stop by will receive a free new accessory, plus a coupon for 20% off a $50 purchase at Old Navy. Look out for the Old Navy truck on Saturday at the TASTES Food Festival in the Meatpacking District from 11:30am to 3:30pm and on Sunday in Brooklyn at the Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk Festival from 1pm to 5pm. [Racked Wire]

· Design NYPL Anti-Prom [Official Site]

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