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Linda the Bra Lady Thinks Strapless Gowns Are Not for Everyone

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Linda via her website
Linda Becker does not mince words. The Upper East Side lingerie expert, who recently opened a second location in Murray Hill, has helped countless brides figure out what to wear under their gowns. In a recent phone interview, she passed on some bra wisdom, offered a counterargument to our strapless-dress–loving bridal store owners, and suggested some mildly scandalous Spanx advice.

What's the one thing all brides should know, bra-wise?
Before you buy the dress, make sure you can get the undergarments. Girls who wear a G, H, or J cup come into my store and want a backless, strapless bra, and there is no such thing. They need to be conscious of what they can get to go under the dress. I'm telling you, I have girls coming into my store with enormous breasts and strapless just doesn't come in that size. If they knew that they couldn't get that size bra, maybe they would think before they got a strapless dress. It's not like a B cup where you can sew the cup into the dress. It starts getting harder once you get past that.

Which strapless bras do you recommend?
Chantelle makes a lot of good ones. Fantasie makes an absolutely fabulous strapless up to G. Elomi goes up to small H cup. Panache has a bra that's low-plunging in the front and starts at 30. Lots of girls think they can't wear strapless because they're wearing the wrong size—it slips down. They're 30 and they think they're 32. Le Mystere also makes a strapless bra that's padded and low in the front and also starts in 30.

Where do you stand on double-sided tape?
Double-sided tape is good if you're going to be bending down and talking to a lot of people so that they don't see down your dress. But you could also get that Le Mystere bra, since it's a long line and low in the back and gives a nice shape. It only goes up to DD, though.

What would you say to a bride who wants to wear Spanx?
The problem with Spanx is that it's impossible to go to the bathroom because you're holding up the big gown while trying to peel off the Spanx. I tell people, if you want to wear Spanx, cut out the crotch so that you can go to the bathroom. Wacoal also makes laser-cut panties with no seams. Actually, my favorite are Wacoal, more so than Spanx. Spanx are uncomfortable and sometimes they roll down. That's another tip: Be conscious of that, that your Spanx aren't going to roll down. You can get Spanx that will pin to the bra.

Any miracle products that we don't know about?
Very Bare makes cups with an underwire which are sewn in the dress. They start at AA and go up to BB, and they're fabulous. Sometimes strapless bras give you lines, but this sews into your dress. I've sold tons of those.

What about final words of advice?
Go to a store that actually fits you, not a department store. You need somewhere that actually measures you and makes sure you have the right undergarments.
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