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Shop "Zanthropology" in FiDi; Norma Kamali's Beach Party Returns

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We're heading out a little early for a summer Friday. Have a good weekend, and we'll see you Monday.

FIDI—Brookfield Properties just revealed the details of its plan to renovate the World Financial Center, the underpopulated mall down at the bottom of Manhattan. Preservationists worried that the shopping center's Winter Garden might be doomed, but Brookfield says it will include the Winter Garden's staircase into the makeover. The best part of the renderings, though, is that the architects made up fake names for the high-end shops they hope will move into the space. It's amazing how much less charming Anthropologie sounds when it starts with a "Z." [Curbed]

MIDTOWN—Norma Kamali's beach party was such a hit in May that she's bringing it back for June. Next Thursday, June 23, Kamali will be hosting a dance party in her gleaming white laboratory of a boutique on 57th 11 W. 56th Street. Stop by from 6pm to 9pm for swimwear (including pieces made exclusively for the event) priced under $135. We can't guarantee that she'll sing again, but do you really want to miss it if she does? Reserve a space by RSVPing to [Racked Inbox; Previously]

World Financial Center

World Financial Center, New York NY