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Summer Is Here! Hollister Hunks Are Finally Sans Shirts

An image of last year's longer trunks
An image of last year's longer trunks

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Where were we when the beefy Hollister staffers finally decided to take off their shirts for the season and show off those glorious pecs to all of Broadway? Apparently, we weren't paying attention (shame on us!), because The Shophound reports that they are now officially shirtless. We commend his diligent journalism, and the arrival of the bare chests, as he says, does indeed mark the true beginning of summer.

While last year's models wore the traditional frat-guy, to-the-knee board shorts, he notes that this year's boys have cleaned up their swimsuit act. "Beach slobs take note of the newly trimmed down, above-the-knee surfing trunks. If there is one men's clothing lesson to be learned this season, it's that droopy, culotte-like board shorts are finally O-V-E-R. Please burn yours immediately, and re-introduce your lower thighs to the beach." Pleased to meet you, lower thighs.
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