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Pilgrim Owner Needed Over 70 Stitches; Three Suspects Arrested

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Richard Ives via The Written Runway
DNAinfo has some updates on Tuesday's incident at Lower East Side vintage boutique Pilgrim, where a fight with would-be shoplifters left both store owners injured. Co-founders Richard Ives and Brian Bennett thought they could probably handle the four robbers—Ives is six feet tall, 235 pounds, and works out five days a week, while Bennett is 6'5"—but one man tossed Ives through a display window, while another kicked Bennett in the head.

Ives wound up with over 70 stitches in his head, arms, and hands. He told DNAinfo that "parts of his skull were protruding when he arrived at Bellevue Medical Center," but that "a CAT scan revealed no brain injuries." (The news site also has some gory photos of his wounds.) As for the suspects, three out of the four of them were nabbed by Pilgrim's Orchard Street neighbors. Dennis Brunson, Travis Sims, and Enjolie Evans have all been arrested; cops are looking for the fourth party. Says Ives of his fellow Lower East Side shopkeepers, "They were the real heroes. Everybody pitched in."
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