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Can You Register for Your Wedding at Alexander Wang?

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Any old reality TV princess can register for an $8000 vase, but what if you have more rarefied taste? We called around town trying to register for our fictional wedding at several high fashion emporiums, a tech superstore, and a butcher shop. Only one was willing to accommodate us. Below, the results of our experiment.

Manolo Blahnik: "No, we normally don't do that. Brides can come in and buy their shoes, but that's it." So you can't get your friends to buy shoes for you? "No, no, sorry, no."

Prada Soho: "That is an interesting question. Don't think so. Let me check on that." Disappears for a moment. "We've not done those before. That's not something that Prada authorizes." But would you ever do it? "You could check with PR." Wait, PR? Did we just get busted?

Alexander Wang: "Never been asked that. Let me find out for you." Pause. "My store manager just stepped out to go to a meeting at corporate. I can take down your information and get back to you." Busted again!

The Apple Store: "We have not [done a wedding registry] from what I know. If you hold on one minute...actually, if you come in and talk to someone...actually, yeah, I don't really know what we would do for that. We've never done that before." So it might help if we came in? "I mean, I don't know what we could do for you. I guess come in? [Laughing.] I just don't know."

The Meat Hook: "Do you want to register for specific types of meat? Because usually what we do is we're totally integrated with the Brooklyn Kitchen, so you could register for gift cards for anything in the store, including the Meat Hook and classes. But we probably could do something a little special for you if you really want to register just at the Meat Hook.

Conclusion: Fashion's a lost cause and tech will just laugh at you, but if you really want to register somewhere weird, look to the foodies.
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