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Kleinfeld's Greatest Hits: Ten Classic Moments on Say Yes to the Dress

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New York wedding boutique Kleinfeld is such a bridal mecca that it has its own reality show, Say Yes to the Dress. Over the years, reality TV's favorite bridal consultants have shown us both the radiant and repellant sides of brides-to-be. Below, you'll find a mix of teary brides, bridezillas, and brides who deserve reality shows of their own. Got a favorite clip, or know of one we missed? Let us know in the comments.—Alexa Gordon

#10: This newly pregnant bride originally wanted an elegant wedding, but now has to try and keep it sophisticated instead of shot-gun.

#9: In a dangerous move, this bride brings her opinionated father to help choose her dress. Will he weep when he sees the dress or the price tag?

#8: One lucky fifteen year old seems to have mistaken Kleinfeld for her local mall and is shopping there not for her wedding, but for her Sweet 16.

#7: A favorite consultant gets engaged and invites both her immediate family and Kleinfeld family to help her find the perfect dress.

#6: Never before had a client actually fainted upon seeing the price of her dress, until now.

#5: This young lady knows exactly which dress she likes, and which she doesn't. Too bad she isn't the bride, only her 15-year-old sister.

#4: In a touching moment, client and consultant bond over the loss of their mothers.

#3: After returning home from Iraq, one soldier decides to throw his bride the wedding of her dreams.

#2: You may call her superstitious; we call her crazy. One bride doesn't want her fiancé to see her dress before the wedding day, but still wants him to watch over the fitting.

#1: In our favorite moment from all six seasons, this eclectic bride chooses a masquerade theme for her consultation and dons a mask so she doesn't see herself in her dress.


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