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Will Robyn Perform at the Fifth Ave H&M on Sunday?

Robyn via Elle
Robyn via Elle

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That's what the Shophound is thinking. Earlier this morning, he received a "cryptic email" from the powers-that-be at H&M announcing a surprise performance to take place this Sunday. No specific name was disclosed by the Swedish fast fashion behemoth, but they did disclose that the star is a "former H&M Fashion Against AIDS model/designer and international pop star." Additional vague clues read, "Her style is di bom digi bom di deng di deng digigi?" and "Don't leave her dancing alone!" Okaaaay....

The name that popped into the Shophound's head is the Swedish dance floor sensation Robyn. And we think he's spot on as the singer has in fact modeled for the H&M Fashion Against AIDS campaign. Plus, the unintelligible and much-commercially-used "bom digi" etc lyric comes from the song "Cobrastyle" by the also-Swedish indie/synth/dance/whatever outfit Teddybears, who Robyn has collaborated with in the past. And bringing it all together, in our opinion: Robyn is confirmed to play a show at JetBlue's Terminal 5 on Monday. Ah ha!

The truth will be unveiled sometime between noon and 2pm this Sunday at the H&M on Fifth Avenue and 51st Street. Shoppers and fans who make a $50 purchase will net a free CD and an in-person autograph signing with Robyn, uh, we mean the mystery guest.
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