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The J.Crew Sample Sale Line Gets Off to a Slow Start

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This morning at 10am, the J.Crew sample sale kicks off at 260 Fifth Avenue, the same venue that hosted the DVF sale last week. J.Crew always used to draw crazy crowds in its old location at Clothingline—will we see the same numbers today? Fawnia Soo Hoo reports live from the scene.

9:01am: Hello! So there's one person waiting at the J.Crew sample sale. Well, one person other than me. Oh, and a third just arrived.

9:04am: I guess 9am is the magic number. Three more just joined. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a line.

9:08am: There are now eight people here. One shopper just professed her surprise at how short the line is. Maybe it's the threat of thunderstorms, or maybe the whole having-to-be-at-work-at-9am-thing is throwing a kink in this line business.

9:10am: Just said hello to our 260 Fifth friend. He and his colleague look dapper in their regulation black suits and white starched shirts. They're putting up the rope and stanchions now. The first two males have joined the line, which now numbers about 12.

9:15am: A dad in a seersucker jacket just walked by with his adorable toddler daughter, who was clutching a Zappos box in her arms. The security staffer chuckled and the dad said, "She insists on carrying it!" Starting 'em young.

The line circa 9:17am

9:17am: A line-goer announces that she's going to Starbucks...and doesn't offer to pick up beverages for the people holding her place. Tsk tsk.

9:24am: Once the 260 Fifth line hits a certain length, staffers always split it into two sections. We have officially reached that point.

9:28am: Mizhattan just joined us. She's a big J.Crew fan, so watch out, shoppers.

9:31am: Uh oh. It's getting darker, colder, and windier. I hope the thunderstorm holds off until we get inside. I don't want to get struck by lightning waiting in line for a sample sale.

9:42am: Our 260 Fifth friend just came out to say hello. He said they should be opening on time and that "there are a lot of nice things" inside. There was none of that VIP sale business yesterday, either, so we get first dibs on the merchandise. I wonder if there are any wedding gowns inside. That would be awesome for Weddings Week!

The line circa 9:45am

9:47am: The second section of the line is almost near 28th Street. I have to say, the crowd is pretty quiet and chill. Most people are busy tapping away on their smartphones. One girl just wondered if there would be a bag check. Such a newbie.

9:55am: The line now wraps around the block. Two girls just walked up to security to ask if this was the J.Crew sale line and were shocked to learn that indeed it is. Have they never been to a sample sale?

9:58am: Oh! It's go time!

Here's one teaser shot from inside.

For the full report from inside, head right this way.

J.Crew Sale

260 Fifth Avenue, New York NY