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A Woman Got Slapped Over Pad Thai at the UWS Trader Joe's

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In case you missed it: Last winter, two moms at the Trader Joe's on the Upper West Side got into it over a package of frozen pad Thai. The two women involved are Marcella Caprario and Dr. Cathleen London, and the story is said to have happened like this. Caprario's husband was reaching for the frozen entrée when he was blocked by London's teenage son. Caprario said a few words ("They don't even say excuse me") and London said a few words ("He's just a child! Get that pole out of your ass!"), and then at some point, London got slapped.

The case is hitting Manhattan Criminal Court today, the Post reports. Caprario was originally charged with misdemeanor assault, and she's rejected multiple plea deals. Her reasoning is, "Why should someone plead guilty to something they didn't do?" but she completely admits to slapping the doctor after London "charged at" her. Her lawyer even goes as far as to say that the slap was "justified, reasonable force," because clearly nothing is more justified and reasonable than slapping another woman over a cheap frozen dinner.
· Moms are fit to be Thai'ed [NY Post]

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