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Inside J.Crew: Everything From Plaid Shirting to Sparkly Hot Pants

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The J.Crew sale got off to a slow start this morning, but when the doors opened, it was no holds barred as the crowds raced for clothes, shoes, and accessories marked up to 60% off. The sale's new home at 260 Fifth was packed to the walls with stock and the narrow aisles quickly filled up DVF-style. The guys were even in on the action this time, too. There was so much on offer that organizers had to sacrifice the back fitting area just to fit the ladies' shoes section. So let's get started, folks.

Upon entering, guests will hit the ladies' apparel section immediately to the right of the sale. Pricing runs $15 for basic tees and tanks, $20 to $35 for embellished ones, up to $50 for shorts, $35 to $125 for dresses, $35 to $75 for knits, $50 to $150 for outerwear, and $150-ish for leather pieces. The $60 summery frocks in silky print, embroidery, lace, and eyelet-embellished styles were popular pieces, as well as slouchy tanks with sparkly and ruffled details. One rack of $50 minis and short-shorts with flair (think paillettes, scalloped edges, silky lace-tinged lingerie-ish styles, rosettes, fringe and florals) caught our eye. We spotted a couple samples, plus pieces from Eliot and Hi Line mixed into the racks, too.

The guys were just cleaning up on the plaid, striped, solid and checked shirting ($50)— we spied men checking out with upwards of ten shirts each. Pricing for guys runs $15 to $20 for basic tees, $20 for polos, $30 for chinos, $50 for denim, $70 for pants and $50 to $150 for outerwear. We noticed men also making quick work of the dressy leather brogues ($120) and casual suede chukkas ($65) displayed on a staffed table.

Speaking of shoes, the ladies have more on display. Pricing runs from $10 for Melissa-ish jelly flats and flip flops to $65 for flat sandals and espadrilles to $100 for heels (we loved the grosgrain abstract floral peep-toe platforms and the brown leather strappy wedges). Boots are $120, and "collection" boots are $150.

Accessories were also plentiful. Chunky blinged-out jewelry starts at $20 for rings and runs to $35 for simpler necklaces and $60 for the more elaborate and embellished numbers. Bags were also well-stocked and popular, running from $20 for canvas to $80 for small leather styles to $120 for large leather totes. By the way, the pricing is all delineated on very detailed signs around the sale and there are also photos in the gallery.

The J. Crew sale is one of the few out there where it's totally appropriate to wear your baby in a Bjorn or push one around in a stroller because the uh-dorable Crewcuts lines is on sale, too. Warning: It does get crowded in there, but the Crewcuts area wasn't as tight. Pricing runs from $10 for tees to $60 for the cutest party dresses imaginable.

As mentioned earlier, there is no fitting room (obvi women's shoes are more important.) Most of the mirrors are located toward the back, and guys and girls were politely sharing. Shockingly, we didn't observe any co-ed stripping down amongst the ladies and guys à la Steven Alan. Cash and credit are both accepted and the check-out was quite efficient. They will be restocking later this week and they will probably reduce pricing either Thursday or Friday. When we left, the line wrapped around the block. It may be time to consider taking a long lunch.
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