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BLK DNM's Dressing Rooms Are Not for the Faint of Heart

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Anna Fischer, 6/9/11

On Friday we took a look at POP 1, the new Nolita pop-up housing designer Johan Lindeberg's seasonless collection BLK DNM. What we didn't do, though, was discuss the zany fitting rooms, which deserve a post of their own. The rooms aren't any smaller or bigger than similar spaces in other local stores. Nor are they not exceptionally posh or exceptionally gritty. It's just that, unlike any fitting room we've ever seen, they're all missing a wall.

When you enter any of the dressing rooms, you find yourself facing an empty, chained-off space where the wall should be. It looks out onto an interior hallway that's closed to the public but accessible to the sales staff. Technically, you're free to change in complete privacy. But if someone blundered into the hallway by accident, they'd get to see you and all your fellow shoppers jumping up and down, trying to squeeze into a pair of Lindeberg's high-waisted jeans.
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