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The Opening Ceremony Sale Has Attracted a Hipster Squatter Colony

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The Opening Ceremony sale kicks off at 11am today, offering deals of up to 90% off to aspiring Chloë Sevignys and their bedheaded boyfriends. Fawnia Soo Hoo reports live from the scene below.

9:54am: Hello! I just arrived at Opening Ceremony, and so far the crowd looks more like a squatter colony of hipsters than a real line. A group of above five girls are risking melanoma by staking out the door, and another random smattering of eager shoppers are sitting on the curb, which is conveniently shaded.

9:58am: A girl just walked by and asked, "Is this a line?" Everyone immediately panicked and shifted into line formation. Luckily, they chose the shady edge of the sidewalk.

10:03am: It's definitely a line now and people are arriving fast. Guess 10am is prime time. The sun shifted, too, so now we're roasting.

The squatter colony evolves into something resembling a queue

10:12am: I spy a guy wearing brightly colored triangle-print socks with huaraches. Do huaraches count as sandals? If yes, then is this the hipster equivalent of wearing black socks with your Birkenstocks?

10:17am: A few people who appear to be staffers just arrived, but they don't have a key to get in so they're waiting out here with the rest of us. Whoa, the male staffer just stripped off his button-down shirt (lean fit, of course) to show off an entire torso of tats before donning a mesh wife-beater.

10:24am: A staffer just asked the line to wind the opposite way down (up?) Lafayette towards Howard. It'll definitely wrap around the corner. And it is SO hot out there. This is an SPF 50+ kind of a morning.

10:32am: A truck driver just asked us what we're waiting for. A guy in line shouted, "Cocaine!"

10:39am: A count so far: One umbrella (smart), two fedoras, two trucker caps, three crop-top-and-high-waisted-short-short combos, and an infinite number of Ray-Bans.

10:44am: The door just opened, but it was a false alarm. No early entry this time. At this point, I'm fairly certain that sweating like I'm Whitney Houston is not conducive to clothing shopping. Definitely wash your purchases before wearing, people.

10:47am: Addition to the count: Two guys in floral shorts. One happens to be Mr. Huaraches With Socks.

10:52am: Four guys in wife-beaters. Can I call nay on this trend, please? I know it's oppressively hot out, but random dude side nipple is fashion overshare.

10:55am: A staffer dressed like the crocodile hunter just came out to tell us to move closer to the wall. Seriously, he's wearing army green fatigues, a mesh supply vest, and a safari hat.

10:58am: Heads up: There's a mandatory bag check inside. I think they're opening soon.

11:00am: Yay! They're opening the doors. Hope there's air conditioning inside.

11:01am: OMG. They're letting in like three people at a time. Damn bag check. I can't decide what's worse: Twenty degree weather and snow or this.

11:02am: Crocodile Hunter stopped the line at me.

11:04am: In! Air con is minimal. Full report coming soon.

Here's a teaser shot from inside the sale. Stay tuned for more.

Opening Ceremony Sale

148 Lafayette Street, New York NY