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The First Verameat Store Will Open on East 9th Street This July

Verameat <a href="">Skeleton's R Us</a> bracelet and <a href="">Vampire Desire</a> three-finger ring
Verameat Skeleton's R Us bracelet and Vampire Desire three-finger ring

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Jewelry designer Vera Balyura's plans to open up the first flagship store for her brand Verameat are beginning to unfold. The official opening of her East 9th Street store will be on July 2, but there's also a sneak-peek taking place this Friday, June 3, complete with free cupcakes, booze, and, of course, two-finger puppy rings and bracelets with kissing dragons.

The model-turned-jewelry-designer's pieces are already available in stores like Cloak and Dagger and Alibi, but in a month she'll have a place of her very own to house her slightly bizarre creations—that is, if you consider a ring depicting a dinosaur chomping on fried chicken bizarre.
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315 East 9th Street, New York NY 10003