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Salvor Projects Springs Up on the LES

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Images via <a href="">Style File</a> and <a href="">Salvor</a>/Facebook
Images via Style File and Salvor/Facebook

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If you stopped by the new Salvor Projects store on the Lower East Side this weekend and noticed a lack of brick, paint, sheetrock, or any other normal building material, well, that was the point. Instead, the shop is covered entirely in medium density fiberboard: "We wanted it to look like we carved the space out of one material," Salvor designer Ross Menuez clarifies. See the success here: Nooks and crannies with sharp, architectural edges house bags, folded tees, and suspended mannequins draped in jersey and silk, all for your shopping pleasure.

Carved right into 172 Forsyth Street, the space marks Salvor's very own first retail location, so no more bopping around from department store to tiny boutique to acquire the silk-screened scarves or soft printed T-shirts (unless you want to, that is). In addition to the store, a new e-commerce site is also in the works and will be launching on May 14, but for now, here's a Tumblr to look at.
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Salvor Projects

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