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The Prices Have Dropped on What's Left at Comme des Garçons

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If you didn't think things could get any better at the Comme des Garçons "archival" sale once Roberta's pizza got delivered on Friday, think again. Madison Avenue Spy reports that on Sunday, after waiting in line for an hour with "everyone from New Jersey to Queens (along with their mothers)," she found that a lot of the prices had been cut in half.

Such as these: Shoes that were originally at the sale for $300 are now only $150. Unfortunately, there's a downside, though, and it's a big one: She notes that the once packed selection is now very dwindled. "As far as clothes go, there were only one or two of each style and mostly eccentric, out-there pieces were left; tons of plaid, sequins, and prints." Well, it's Comme des Garçons, so that's probably what you were expecting.

Here's some ballpark figures: Expect to find what's left of skirts, jeans and sweaters priced around $100 and jackets and blazers from $200 to $500. She adds, "There wasn't much for less than $100 besides the remaining vinyl bags and t-shirts and a few men's collared shirts." Today's the last day of the sale (it closes at 7 pm) so if there was ever a time to justify splurging on a decade's worth of Comme des Garçons, it's now.
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Croatian Church

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