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Ride the Hair Care Truck in Midtown; E. 7th Street's New Salon

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MIDTOWN—This weekend, the John Frieda 18-wheeler will be parking in Times Square so that hair expert Harry Josh can hand out free 15-minute hair consultations. The company also plans to give away free hair product to every tenth person who signs in on Foursquare. Find the truck between 11am and 7pm on Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14. [Facebook]

EAST VILLAGE—Looks like the former home of Fab 208 on 7th Street is set to become "hair lab" Birds and Fellas. Jeremiah of Vanishing New York sound skeptical about the drinks-and-haircuts mix, which includes an "in-house music supervisor" and "cocktail socials," but we're sort of charmed by the gimmicks. They've got a machine that reads your fingerprint and remembers what magazines you want to skim while you're waiting for your stylist. It's like the future is already here! [VNY]

Times Square

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