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The Comme des Garçons Sale Crowd: Less Eccentric than We Expected

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Starting today at 10am, beloved avant-garde label Comme des Garçons will be selling off ten years of archival stock in the Croatian Church on 41st Street and Eleventh Avenue. Prices should be 70% off retail, and the crowd should be enormous—this is, after all, the first CDG sale in recent memory, and the label attracts some truly obsessive fans. Intrepid Racked reporter Bonnie Datt reports live from the scene below.

9:00am: I'm here. There are about 45 people ahead of me in line.

9:04am: I'm a little disappointed by the attire. I see a few edgy black ensembles, but more people look like they're headed to the drugstore to run an errand.

9:15am: The line is quiet. About 40% or more male, which makes us feel like we're waiting for a very subdued sporting event.

9:20am: Make that more like a grad school seminar. The man behind me is reading a book on socialism.

9:24am: About 20 more people have arrived. The average attire is getting slightly more interesting. There may be a correlation between how edgy you are and how early you are willing to get up.

9:26am: My neighbor in line says he is dressed to shop.

9:28am: Generally hilarious Twitterer @poliopoliopolio is also liveblogging this thing and just called out some line-cutters from a certain streetwear blog. His Twitter leads us to fashion stylist Andreas Kokkino's notes from last night's preview. In sum: Tons of selection, lots of smalls and lots of larges, overall totally worth waiting for.

9:30am: A folding table and some food and drinks were just brought out. Looks like the amount you'd find on an indie film crafts service table. Don't know yet if they'll be for sale or comps (we imagine sale.)

9:31am: Looks like the food is from the Treats Truck. One woman tells me they'll be selling cookies and brownies once they determine where to set up.

9:32am: I suspect this crowd doesn't care much about food.

9:34am: Men in black suits are now setting up stanchions next to the line. There are over 100 people here now, and the line has turned the corner onto Tenth Avenue.


9:38am: The Treats Truck people are putting up a tent. It's providing some confusion—we're guessing they were never Girl Scouts.

9:43am: A man in line just helped set up the tent. He was told he would be rewarded with a cookie.

9:46am: A taco truck on the sidewalk also seems to be preparing food. Whatever this sample sale turned out to be like (no one on line seems to know), obviously nobody will go hungry.

9:55am: The good people at CDG are letting us sneak in to take photos. Look out for a full report soon!

Update: Everything you could possibly want to know about the sale—pricing, photos, the fact that people are using the church alter as a makeshift fitting room—is now right here.

Croatian Church

504 W. 41st Street, New York NY