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Shopping the Alexander McQueen Exhibit

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The one frustrating thing about attending fashion exhibitions is that we inevitably want to take home the pieces. The Met's Alexander McQueen show, which officially opens today, is no exception. It's filled with extremely covetable designs.

Unfortunately, we can't buy the coat made of gold-painted duck feathers nor the silver crown of thorns. But the small McQueen-themed gift shop, located at the end of the exhibit, does offer a few of the designer's accessories. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to the tartan Skull Clutch purse—but once your brain learns that it's priced at $1,695, it may tell you to look elsewhere. Other available accessories include enameled Skull bangles—large for $275 and small for $195. From the same collection, you'll find a skull ring at $115 and a kkull keychain for $80.

If you want to bring the entire show home with you, we highly recommend the Savage Beauty exhibition book. At $45 you not only get beautiful photos of the exhibit, but also a hardback cover embossed with a dramatic holographic photo of Alexander McQueen's face. If that's still out of your price range, a sixteen-month calendar dedicated to the exhibit will set you back just $16.95, and postcards are $1.50 each.

Mixed in with unframed McQueen posters for $24.95 and journals for $12.95 are a small selection of non-Savage Beauty items. These include a few shelves of books with themes which should appeal to the designer's fans, including the official exhibition book from the Met's 2006 AngloMania exhibit. There is also a selection of DVDs of films which inspired McQueen. Not surprisingly, his viewing choices tended to run towards the dark and dramatic, including Orlando, The Birds, and Psycho. So while we may not be able to buy an Alexander McQueen dress loosely inspired by the vampires of The Hunger, we can at least bring home the inspiration.
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