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Thakoon Sale: Abundant With Samples and Stock, Tragically Quiet

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We know it's rainy out and there's that pesky work thing, but seriously ladies, the Thakoon sale, with samples starting at $50 and overstock starting around $90, is calling your name. When we're one of two people waiting outside the door five minutes before it starts and end up shopping alone for about 20 minutes, it's a sad, sad (yet, secretly wonderful) morning. Hopefully things pick up before noon, but if not, hey, more for us.

The sale is majority samples—both one-off production pieces and some in multiples—so head left for those first. The sample sizing is relatively generous—we'd estimate anywhere between size two and six—so definitely try on your items. And yes, hallelujah, there is a closed off fitting area (i.e. closet), as well as two mirrors on the floor.

Samples—and if we haven't emphasized enough, there are copious amounts of Thakoon and Thakoon Addition—start at $50. For that price point, you really have to dig, but we managed to uncover ruched and pleated asymmetrical mini-skirts and translucent flowery peasant tops. At the $75 mark, we found silky patterned tanks (usually $200 and up) and drapey, asymmetrical jersey dresses. We say most of the samples ranged between $125 and $275.

A sampling of what we found: The slinky periwinkle asymmetrical hook and eye dress is $175 ($1420 retail), summery crepe cocktail frocks are $250 and $275, the batik draped ruffle mini is $125. A yellow-and-black floral print fringed peasant top is $125, denim shorts and skirts are $150ish, a black and navy color blocked nipped waist blazer is $250, and a sexy, sexy black dress with cut outs held together with silk ribbons is $200. We also spotted a few of the long backgammon maxi-dress ($300 and $1100 retail), a gorgeous creamy strapless gown ($305 and kind of perfect for a bargain wedding dress), and a black wool coat with shattered-glass detail ($400).

If you're looking for a wider selection of sizes and also pretty decent deals, definitely head to the overstock racks which are located in the far right hand portion of the sale. Here, we found the mini-version of the backgammon blouson frock ($465 and regularly $1100), an ivory and black graphic draped mini-sheath ($265), the Thakoon Addition electric blue ruffle tank ($90, retail $290), black jersey asymmetrical dresses ($150), the latte-hued version of the above creme strapless dress ($405), the navy and black layered leather jacket ($375, $1475 retail) and the black and white striped drop-waist layered mini-dress ($185, $625 retail)

We must also mention the shoes, which come in at three price points. On the left of the door, there are the most current styles (like the Giuseppe Zanotti for Thakoon huarache heels, regularly $996) for $250 a pair. They are mostly size 39, but we did spot a smattering of 37s and 38s—you just have to look. On the right top shelf are the flashy, metallic $75 runway samples, which are size 39 and up. The rest of the styles are $100 and while most are size 39 and up, there are two styles of Guiseppe Zanotti for Thakoon shoes in size 37: this high-heel strappy sandal (in various colors and retail $795), a gladiator version and the suede ruffle-tongue shooties (originally $695).

Everything is out on the floor and a staffer emphatically claimed that they will not be lowering prices toward the end of the sale. Also, big note before you go: Only cash and checks are accepted. We'd say head there soon before the good stuff goes, but if it stays this quiet you might be able to take your time.
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