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Move Over Treggings! "JorJeggings" Are Now in Stock

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In the great Racked NY archives, we have many a story on the phenomenon of Jeggings, the ship that launched a thousand portmanteaus. And now we have another to add, fresh for summer 2011: JorJegging.

The JorJeggings (jorts + jeggings) are only just making their first timid appearances on store shelves; Bloomingdale's has a mini-section of $32+ Hue-brand JorJeggings just inside their 3rd Avenue and 59th Street entrance. But what exactly are JorJeggings? Imagine bike shorts. Now change the fabric from spandex to a stretchy cotton with a trompe l'oeil jean pattern. Now wear them to brunch. That is the JorJegging, or if you'd like to help us brainstorm a better term, maybe jeggingshorts or shorggings (shorts leggings).

Observing the Bloomingdale's stock, we noticed that the black and indigo colors are mostly sold out in sizes above a Small. So, as can be predicted, girls like the one pictured on the package will not be the sort wearing these this summer. A further observation: JorJeggings are also available in a khaki "boyfriend-style" option, although the only differences are the color and the chance you'll look like you're heading to a PTA meeting in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Currently JorJeggings are only available for women, althought we're sure it won't be much longer before Uniqlo launches the JorJegging for men (the 'MaJorJegging?'), at which time you can trust we'll be dispatching Joshua David Stein for extensive field testing.
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