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UWS Apple Windows Reinforced With Giant Pieces of Masking Tape

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What happened to the UWS Apple Store early Sunday morning is still a mystery, like how Ted met the mother of his children or who killed Rosie Larsen (we've been watching a lot of TV this weekend.) Two Apple Store staffers we spoke to on Monday had no further information, only saying that the store was a victim to "mischief" of the possibly-criminal variety and that the police are "looking into it." So what could have caused that level of damage to the windows, which are fairly thick?

While conspiracy theorists floated ideas of possible perps like the PC Guy and Michael Dell, calls to the 20th Precinct resulted in a dead end. The detective we spoke to remained mum on any details on the incident, so forget about any confirmation as to what caused windows to nearly shatter. (Can't they check COMPSTAT for that info? We saw it on Law & Order.) For now, the fragmented windows are covered and held in place by two very large pieces of sticky paper while business inside continues to thrive in the face of adversity.
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Apple Store Lincoln Center

1981 Broadway, New York NY