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Woman Sues Chanel After Getting a $10,000 Ring Stuck on Her Finger

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Chanel 57th Street storefront via Architectural Digest

By now, we've all been there: The moment you realize that the ring you're trying on, which isn't yours, is stuck. Now imagine that happening in Chanel. Rosy Mizrachi Gindi of Brooklyn got one of the rings at the Chanel store on East 57th Street stuck on her finger and wound up in the emergency room for three hours trying to get it off, proving that the old-timey remedy of slathering up your finger in lotion doesn't always do the trick.

Doctors were able to remove the ring—which her lawyer says is worth "at least $10,000"—without cutting it. (Were there Chanel security guards looming over their shoulders at the hospital, perhaps?) Now, she's suing Chanel for unspecified damages in Brooklyn Supreme Court. We're kind of thinking that maybe the lawsuit is to cover up the embarrassment of getting caught in Chanel trying to squeeze a too-small ring on your finger and getting it stuck in front of the salespeople.
· Lawsuit has painful ring to it [NY Post]


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