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Ten Gross Things About Turning Lenny Kravitz's Bar into a Boutique

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264 Bowery via Bowery Boogie

Crain's reports that 264 Bowery has a new tenant: Luxury women's clothing store Dagny & Barstow. Co-founders Meredith Blank and Emily Titelman are mindful that their new shop will sit between Blue & Cream and Oak, so they're planning to compete with a roster of smaller European labels like Devastee and Sophie Hulme.

First, though, they have to renovate the space. 264 Bowery used to be Kos, a nightclub owned by Lenny Kravitz and Denzel Washington. On their blog, Blank and Titelman explain that the location is "at first glance certainly not the ideal retail space," since it's a dank and windowless former den of sin. "Plus, Kos closed in 2004 and the space has been vacant ever since," they write, "leaving us with a layer of seven years worth of dust." They seem to have a good attitude about the mess, though. Blank has even composed a list of the top ten funniest things about taking over Lenny Kravitz's old bar.

Here's what she came up with. It peters out after six:

10. Early 90s Club Decor (green, purple and orange? REALLY!?)
9. We now own 75 bottle services carafes. For all of our daily bottle service needs.
8. Cocktail waitress props!
7. This. (We thought it was a breast pump, which was both funny and extraordinarily gross. Turns out it's a stomach pump, which is considerably less funny.)
6. A ten-year-old drug den
5. That's all we got. Maybe this should have been a top five list.
But, demonstrating a resourcefulness that should serve her well navigating the choppy waters of New York retail, Blank enumerates some items that weren't funny enough to make the original list.
Less Funny Things:
-Herpes Bathrooms.
-This seven-year-old lime.
-Scary, potentially scatalogical stains.
Disgusting! But also entertaining. Plus, this is New York history here, people. Who knows? That lime might once have graced a drink being drunk by Lenny himself.
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Dagny & Barstow

264 Bowery, New York NY