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Housing Works Wants to Put a Clothing Recycling Bin in Your Building

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Image via RefashionNYC
Image via RefashionNYC

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New Yorkers throw away around 200,000 tons of old clothes and other textiles every year, but Housing Works plans to change all that. They've partnered with city government on RefashionNYC, a new program aimed at giving people an easy, convenient way to dispose of old or otherwise unwanted clothing. The process couldn't be simpler: Building managers like landlords or supers just have to get a metal bin from the city, encourage residents to drop off their closet rejects, and organize pickups once the bin is full.

The clothing doesn't need to be in good shape—city officials tell the Times that they can make seat stuffing, carpet padding, and other useful materials out of damaged goods. Items that still have some life in them will be sold through Housing Works or shipped to another nonprofit in Haiti. In fact, RefashionNYC organizers estimate that the program will wind up paying for itself through sales. Oh, and all the donations are tax-deductible. Head to the RefashionNYC site for more details and a space where you can sign up.
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